Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nadine Speaks Out About World Events

Hi y'all!  I'm taking me a little bitty break from the presidential election to speak out on a world event that really hurts my heart!  A couple weeks ago, somebody posted a very offensive and prejudicial video on YouTube, claiming it represented America's beliefs.   In the video, they insulted the Muslim religion, basically punching them in the face.  Well, they didn't actually punch anyone but they would have caused less harm if they'd just spit on someone.

Here's what I want to say.  Y'all, Muslims and such, especially from other countries, we're not all the same as you in America.  In our country, we allow any ol' dumb ass to speak up about his or her ignorant beliefs.   I'm always embarrassed about what my granny says out loud but she has a right, like every American, to share her own ignorant opinion and she loves to hear it out loud!  Some Americans lie, others insult people, and some say horrible things meant to enrage others.

I know I wasn't going to speak on the presidential election, but that Mr. Romney sure spins a good yarn.  (That's a nice way of sayin' he is a liar.)  I'm pretty sure he's prejudiced against people who don't have no money too. 

In America, we practice any religion we choose and we believe in everyone's right to do that.  I'd like to apologize for the insanely ignorant jack asses who made that video.  I hope y'all understand that this is not a representation of us American folks.  We try not to do things that make other folks want to destroy us and our country, but, like I said, there's always a dumb ass out there who needs attention.

I just hope you have a great day!  By the way, many Americans celebrate their faith on Sunday, so I chose to write this on that day of the week.  I don't know when y'all do your prayin' and stuff but whenever it is, I hope you can do it freely.

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