Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nadine on Mitt Romney

Hey y'all!  I realized it's been forever since I've blogged and this presidential election is so darn exciting!   As you might recall, I was planning to be on the ticket with Mr. Donald Trump.       
As y'all know, my fifth husband Earl refused to give me a divorce so I was not able to marry "The Donald"  and run as his vice president.

Now, Mr. Mitt Romney is running against our current president, Mr. Barak Obama.   I must say, Mr. Obama is no moslim, nor is he a foreign born citizen.   He's red, white, blue, and a little coffee and cream and 100 Percent American!  He's got my vote for sure!  Here's a poster showin' my feelins'  about Mitt Witt.  (That's my nickname for Mr. Romney.)  If y'all agree with me, share this with your friends.  And I'd love to have you follow my blog because I have more to say in this presidential election!

Y'all don't forget to vote now, y' hear?  Unless you want to vote for Mitt.  Then you might as well skip it!

Love to y'all,

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