Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nadine's 12 Days of Christmas

Well y'all know that my fifth husband, Earl is quite the romantic gift giver.  For our first Christmas together, he gave me a toaster.  I was slightly disappointed because I was hopin' for somethin' more personal.  But I had to give him credit because it was my favorite color, shiny.

The next year I made it clear that I wanted something that DID NOT PLUG IN, was my favorite color, shiny, and made me HOT!  He gave me a Stanley stainless steel thermos.

I hinted very strongly the next year.  I wanted it to be big and round and shiny, and it should make me feel sexy.   Finally, my Earl came through.  I got just what I wanted.  It was four beautiful new spinner wheels for my pink Buick Riviera.  See ladies, you just have to be specific.

This year he went all out.  He gave me a gift for each of the 12 days of Christmas, just like that song.  Ain't he special?  Here's a picture of all the gifts and a list so y'all can see the specifics.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Hey, I am going to post this on the Inspiration Avenue Challenge.  They want images about the 12 Days of Christmas and I think this one's just perfect!

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  1. That is so funny! She would make an excellent partner for the Australian Dame Edna Everidge! I love all those sparkly leopard skin accessories - perfect gifts for her.

  2. I love Dame Edna! She and Nadine would really hit it off!