Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nadine Hit the Jackpot!

Something exciting happened to me yesterday that I have to share. As you probably know, I was both a student and an instructor at Sears School for Young Charmers some years ago. Well, I didn't have any of the literature that was used in the class so I just had to improvise and let all o' y'all know my secrets to being a successful charmer. I knew there were some gaps in my presentation but I had no documents that I could use as a reference. Yesterday, I bid on a lot of paper items at an auction and I WON! I wasn't even sure what was in the lot. Imagine my excitement when it contained the full entire notebook from Sears School for Young Charmers, including a beautiful binder with a lovely floral pattern flowin' over it. That pretty flower pattern reminds me of the Modess Sanitary Item ads years ago, causing me to reflect upon my own feminine history. I started flipping through the tabs and my excitement grew as I was reminded of all the femininity tips I've savored over the years. I can't wait to share them with all o' y'all!


  1. Nadine girl how in the world can one woman be blessed with such grace, charm, and refinement. There's not a 99cent store in the country that wouldn't want you as artistic director. Jim Bob

  2. Hey there Jimmy Bobby,
    I can't express how much I love you in my heart! You always made me feel so special because you can see all the outer beauty I hide so well. I hope to have a one woman show sometime. Do you think I'm enough woman to do that?
    Love ya' honey pie!